Kosher Kitchen

A kosher kitchen can create quite a few obstacles; knowing how to properly layout the space and arrange the fixtures and appliances, can make all the difference. Keeping that in mind, we were able to overcome the obstacles and create a very functional yet beautiful space.

Our first challenge was to make sure that the kitchen was not only big enough to accommodate two of everything; dishwashers, ovens (client requested 3), sinks, trash centers, and double the storage for the pots and pans; but also have seating for ten. Second, two separate islands were necessary to serve as meat and dairy work stations. Third, the homeowner was inspired by her blue and white French armoire and wanted her kitchen in a similar European style and color scheme. The last request was to use as much recycled and/or reused materials and items as possible.

Keeping the refrigeration armoire centered to the family room fireplace while maintaining its focal point in the kitchen, and allowing the range area to be the visual center and 2nd focal point of the kitchen, was a much bigger obstacle than we thought it would be. But to Merrie, an experienced kitchen designer, it was just another minor speed bump.

The kitchen layout was created by using 2 large islands, which provided storage and seating while allowing easy navigation throughout the kitchen and immediate access to all the appliances. The use of wormy chestnut and blue and white cabinets together with the wormy chestnut beams and flooring, created a unified look. The refrigeration and the freezer cabinets mimicked the French style of the antique armoire. A large butler’s pantry adjacent to the kitchen provided storage for formal china, and space for entertaining. Reclaimed white oak flooring, reclaimed wood cabinets, existing furniture as well as furniture bought from antique stores and consignment shops were all in keeping with the green design request.