A music room like no other

In order for the sound to properly travel throughout the space, we had to construct a room without parallel and perpendicular walls, and also use mostly sound absorbing materials, such as padded burlap and wood walls. Being limited to specific materials made the design process more challenging yet allowed us to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas for the design.  A singular stone wall featured a large TV which was recessed and surrounded with wood beams. The other three walls were each given a distinct look using only wood and padded burlap. Cork mica and LED color changing lights highlighted the curved tray ceiling, as well as, added more interest to the unique space. A custom made desk housed all of musical equipment and added rustic charm to the one of a kind room, while seventies inspired furniture brought color and personality. Using limited materials, we were able to give each surface of the room a distinct look, while creating an overall harmonious design.